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Acts as a mini peel. Smoothes and refines texture of the skin to revitalise the appearance of the skin. Stimulates collagen. Inhibits melanin production. Strengthen capillary network 

A gentle micro- exfoliating masque containing a high concentration of vitamin C

how to use

1. Use twice a week. 2. Provides 8 treatments over 4 weeks. 3. Instructions for mixing: Pour the entire contents of the powder sachet into the catalyst bottle. Seal the bottle top and shake for 30 seconds. 4. Directions for use: Pre-cleanse, Cleanse and tone. Apply half the bottle in a thick layer to face and neck. 1st treatment: 1 hour 2nd treatment: 3-4 hours 3rd- 8th treatment: Overnight (or as long as the skin feels comfortable) 5. Remove: Remove with appropriate cleanser and water, follow with Envioron regime. Note: As the masque dries white crystals will form on the skin and the client may feel slight tingling.


key ingredients  Salicylic Acid, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)


C quence energising masque